• 1992

    MED-LOGICS, Inc. was founded on September 17, 1992 to focus on providing surgeons with the tools they need to optimize their patient outcomes.
  • 1996

    MED-LOGICS became the first company to receive 510(k) clearance from the FDA for marketing a replacement microkeratome blade on December 9, 1996.
  • 2003

    MED-LOGICS was granted U.S. Patent No. 6,663,644 on December 16, 2003 for features of the revolutionary Calibrated LASIK Blade (CLB®) design.
  • 2007

    MED-LOGICS adds the CleanTouch PVA product line to complement its line of ophthalmic equipment and disposables.
  • 2011

    MED-LOGICS, Inc. acquires Enlighten Technology, Inc., an early-stage company developing the CataPulse, a novel, less destructive device for lens removal.
  • 2011

    MED-LOGICS introduces the ML7 Donor Cornea System, bringing the quality and predictability of the ML7 Microkeratome to donor cornea procedures.
  • 2012

    MED-LOGICS introduces the Nitro Donor Cornea System, the first system designed specifically for use on donor tissue.
  • 2013

    In October of 2013, Med-Logics, Inc. relocated all its operations from Laguna Hills, California to Athens, Texas. A new manufacturing facility was custom built from the ground up to meet the needs of the company's operations and development endeavors.
  • Rod Ross

    Chief Executive Officer
    Rod co-founded MED-LOGICS in 1992 and has been in the ophthalmic surgical market since 1981 when Rod joined CooperVision Surgical, which was purchased by Alcon. Rod also co-founded Refractec, Scieran Technologies, VersEye and others. Rod has a number of US and international patents to his credit with many more patents pending. Rod received a B.A. from North Texas University in 1974.
  • Betty Ross

    Betty is co-founder of MED-LOGICS and established many of the early international distributors for the company. Her early ophthalmic career involved selling IOLs and phaco devices in California. She was instrumental in moving MED-LOGICS into the LASIK market and increasing sales around the world. Betty’s accounting experience in the oil and gas industry has led her to manage the finances for MED-LOGICS.

  • Justin Ross

    Chief Technology Officer
    Justin first joined MED-LOGICS in January 2008. He progressed quickly through many roles and responsibilities and currently manages Operations, Engineering, Quality, and Regulatory. He has been instrumental in the successful design, development, and launch of the Calibrated LASIK Blade, ML7 Microkeratome, Nitro Donor Cornea System, and CataPulse Lens Removal System. Justin has a background in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology.

  • Ryan Janke

    Senior Surgical Specialist
    Ryan joined MED-LOGICS in November 2002. He began as an inside sales representative and helped introduce the MED-LOGICS products to surgeons in the United States. His involvement with the development of the ML7 Microkeratome propelled him into surgical sales. Today he works with surgeons around the world to optimize their results using MED-LOGICS products in refractive, cataract, and donor tissue procedures.

  • Jim Hallum

    Customer Service Supervisor
    Jim has been with MED-LOGICS since May of 2006 and made the move to Athens, TX when the company relocated back in 2013. Jim is usually the gentleman that receives customer orders and handles the accounts payable portion of the business. He is a dedicated employee who goes above and beyond for our customers.

  • Bianca Romero

    Customer Service Representative
    Bianca joined MED-LOGICS in March 2015. She is usually the first person our customers speak with when placing their orders. Bianca is bilingual and enjoys helping our customers over the phone, in person, and through e-mail.

  • Christopher Makinney

    A proud graduate of Texas A&M College of Mechanical Engineering, as well as a former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and Iraq War veteran, Christopher joined the MED-LOGICS team in July 2015. Christopher uses experience gained over the nine years of military service along with his technical expertise to ensure that MED-LOGICS is able to provide surgeons with highly reliable, effective, and efficient products with which to optimize patient outcomes.

  • Kristy Hamrick

    Production Manager
    Kristy joined MED-LOGICS in March of 2014 right after the company moved from California. She has more than 14 years of experience in the medical manufacturing field. Kristy takes pride in her responsibilities to maintaining and controlling our production schedule so that our customers always have product when they need it.

  • Veronica Leyva

    Metrology Expert
    Veronica joined MED-LOGICS in March of 2014 right after the company moved to Athens, TX. She brings years of experience in the medical manufacturing field as well as her knowledge in inspecting disposable medical products. Veronica is devoted to making sure our products measure up to meeting our high standards.
  • ISO Quality System

  • EC Certificate
    of Conformity

  • 60601-1 CB Test Certificate
    ML7 Microkeratome

  • 60601-1 CB Test Certificate
    CataPulse System