High Frequency Pulsed Vacuum

Optimized for the cataract surgeon who wants the best results for their patients, the CataPulse® offers an elegant solution to today’s growing cataract market.

How it Works:

The “pulse” is generated by interrupting the vacuum at a set interval of time, ranging from 450 pulses per minute to 800. At a preset vacuum value, the High Frequency Pulsed Vacuum activates and begins dissecting tissue. The effect is an isolated micro-impact between the cataract material and the tip of the cannula. The diagram below illustrates the concept of high frequency pulsed vacuum.

The Benefits:

Some key benefits of High Frequency Pulsed Vacuum include no frictional heat, no need for continuous flow, and superior vacuum control. By interrupting the vacuum, the potential for vacuum surge is reduced and the inward energy increases the ability to purchase the cataract material, which provides superior followability. The impact at the tip caused by the High Frequency Pulsed Vacuum rapidly dissects and aspirates the cataract material while maintaining low flow through the eye. The goal is to successfully remove the hardened lens while reducing endothelial cell loss and improve the overall effects cataract surgery has on the cornea.