Microkeratome Support

For us, it all started with the ML7®. We looked at all the faults of other microkeratomes and designed those faults out of our system.

Since developing the ML7®, we’ve offered our support to distributors, Calibrated LASIK Blade (CLB®) users, and anyone else that could benefit from our expertise. We service all of the microkeratomes still commonly used around the world. Read more to find out if we service your microkeratome.

Handpiece Support

Handpieces are the most critical and complicated part of a microkeratome system. It’s essential that the handpiece is clean and well maintained.

In addition to providing service to the handpiece, we can assist OR staff and distributors with systems that keep the handpiece well maintained and ready for surgery.

Donor Cornea System Support

After developing the ML7 Microkeratome, we applied our microkeratome technology to the donor cornea market. By working with many Eye Banks around the world, we discovered we could support any keratome being used to harvest tissue.

We’ve also developed a patented pressure gauge system to help save endothelial cells, which can be used with any keratome system. Read more to find out how we can help you with your donor cornea system.

Replacement Parts

We work with incredible machinists and engineers to produce replacement parts that exceed expectations and work well with the medical devices they are intended for.

In addition to our engineering prowess, our quality control is unmatched. We measure using systems that are accurate to less than 3 microns to ensure the parts meet specifications.


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