Fast, Simple, and Easy

The ML7® makes creating a flap easy. By focusing on patient outcomes and flaws of past microkeratomes, we have made the ML7® better in the following ways:

Ease of Use

The surgeon doesn’t have to come off the Forward pedal to reverse the handpiece off the eye. The system knows when a full pass has been made by the handpiece and automatically reverses the handpiece to the start position.

The ML7® Calibrated LASIK Blade comes in a shuttle that allows the surgeon to insert the blade into the ML7® Head without ever touching the blade. This ensures blade integrity before use and makes it safe and easy to dispose of the used blade.


Additionally, the ML7® monitors the vacuum pressure and stops all functions if the handpiece loses suction.


The amount of time the microkeratome is on the eye is 7 seconds from when the vacuum is applied to when the reverse pass is made.


The precision components are machined using wire EDM, which cuts each surface to very tight tolerances (+/- 5 microns), making our Heads and Vacuum Rings superior in every way.


A special coating used on the Heads and Vacuum Rings make the components lubricious on the cornea and help maintain the life of the parts.


There are four vacuum slits in the Vacuum Ring, which help prevent pseudo-suction. Low vacuum can easily be used for increased patient comfort.

Surgeon Preferences

Temporal, Nasal, or Superior hinges are all options for the surgeon and the comfort of the patient.