ML7061 CLB

The ML7061 Calibrated LASIK Blade was designed to fit the MED-LOGICS metal Head designed for the Moria OUP Handpiece powered by the Moria Evolution 3 microkeratome.

The blade was designed with a large surface area to ensure the most stability during operation to deliver the best cut possible.

MED-LOGICS also manufactures a Head specific to the Moria OUP Handpiece, which was designed to precisely fit the ML7061 Calibrated LASIK Blade.

The ML7061 comes in six different sizes, allowing the surgeon to accommodate many different cornea thicknesses.

*The LSK ONE, CB, and M2 microkeratomes are products of Moria and is a registered trademark of Moria Surgical, S.A. MED-LOGICS, Inc. is not affiliated with Moria Surgical, S.A.